Breaking Regulatory Barriers for Greater Female Condom Access

On June 3rd, the National Female Condom Coalition hosted a webinar on the receptive partner-initiated condoms in development, the link between regulatory environment and female condom access, current regulatory issues and obstacles and unique advocacy opportunities to break barriers to existing female condoms and pave the way for emerging internal condoms.  

Panelists included: Mags Beksinska, Director, MatCH Research
Coco Jervis, Program Director, National Women’s Health Network
Jessica Terlikowski, Director of Prevention Technology Education, AIDS Foundation of Chicago & National Female Condom Coalition.

See attachment below for the full slide presentation.

This webinar was presented by the National Female Condom Coalition, and co-sponsored by AIDS Foundation of Chicago, AVAC, California Family Health Council, CONRAD, Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), International Rectal Microbicide Advocates, MatCH Research, National Women’s Health Network, and Universal Access for Female Condoms Joint Programme.

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